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How often should I upgrade my holiday accommodation?

21 October 2022

How often should I upgrade my holiday accommodation?

beach umbrella

So, you own holiday accommodation in a coastal tourist town.  Maybe it’s located by the beach somewhere like Noosa, Queensland.

breakfast bar timber stools

Your investment property earns you an income with guests visiting this holiday destination for their much anticipated tropical get away.   This holiday may represent a family’s annual getaway, a couple’s weekend retreat or a special occasion celebration.  Consider, is your accommodation meeting your holiday guests’ expectations?  If it’s not, they may go elsewhere next time.

A real turn off - outdated fittings and furniture

Your accommodation may have been already furnished when you bought it some years ago, or you may have furnished it when you first purchased, using some items you had surplus at home or perhaps you shopped

around for bargains.  The result could be that not everything quite flows together due to mismatched colours, patterns or just past it's use bu date. Sound familiar?  If this is not you – great!  However, it is the approach we’ve seen quite a few times.  Check out some of the pictures below of holiday unit fit outs we’ve seen recently.

lounge room
twin beds guest bedroom
lounge room 2
lounge room 3

Look, we know trends change. Whilst we’re not suggesting you must adjust your styling every year, it’s worth budgeting for every few years.

How to attract more guests

Furnishing a unit is not a set and forget activity, you’re creating a holiday experience and your accommodation needs to live up the mood of the destination.  If it’s over five years since your last refresh, it’s time to critique your furniture and furnishings fit out.  Your holiday accommodation has probably seen many guests come and go over that time with the associated wear and tear starting to show; the furniture may be a bit scuffed, the cushions could be flat and grubby, curtains frayed.  Also, the fit out for holiday guests in a capital city should look very different to the fit out for the guests that want those lazy days at the beach with sand between their toes type holidays.

wicker seat


Ask yourself …

1. How long is it since you last refreshed your accommodation?

2. Does the furniture or furnishings look tired?

3. Have I got the right colours and textures?

4. If there a feeling of light and space?

5. Would I feel good coming here for a holiday each year?

6. Is my accommodation reflective of the tourist town it’s located in?

7. What else is available in this location (my competition)?

8. How much income is this accommodation generating for me?

Answering these questions will help you decide if now the right time is to upgrade.

Need help?

You may have some ideas from Pinterest, watched a TV show that features renovating or checked out a magazine or two.  However, these pictures don’t always tell the true story of the renovation or budget.  Behind the scenes there is a lot going on!

Want some real ideas for refreshing your holiday accommodation? 

Follow me on my socials: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or Houzz or if you want a more personal approach for a hand with your styling and purchase decisions, give me a call.